Changing the Carwash Industry with EverWash

omniX labs
3 min readApr 21, 2020


omniX labs is excited to expand its partnership with EverWash, the carwash industry’s leader in membership sales and subscription management, to bring a new layer of analytics and predictive insights to hundreds of carwashes across the country.

From new technologies to fresh sources of capital, the carwash industry has been undergoing massive change in recent years. But no change has been more disruptive than the shift to unlimited membership as the primary business model for carwash owners.

Rather than relying on pay-as-you-go customers to choose and purchase a wash service each time they frequent the carwash, more operators are relying on monthly memberships that guarantee an unlimited number of washes each month. This is because the membership model increases the value of the carwash by creating recurring (and weatherproofed) monthly revenue, along with improved customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The second most impactful change has been consumer behavior shifting toward and growing very much in favor of mobile-friendly businesses. Appification can be felt in almost every consumer industry, such as coffee shops to banks. Carwashes are no exception to this new rule.

EverWash has embraced these drastic shifts in the industry to bring tremendous value to carwash operations of all sizes and types. EverWash is the only membership sales and subscription management platform in the industry that is completely aligned with the car wash operator. Using their expert knowledge of marketing, membership sales, and mobile technologies, the EverWash platform allows washes to sell and process monthly memberships through a mobile app. After purchasing a membership for a specific carwash location, users can drive in and simply scan a QR code on their smartphone to receive their wash service.

In addition to providing an easy to use membership sales and subscription management platform, EverWash also does the heavy lifting in promoting and managing a wash’s membership program. EverWash provides its wash partners with seasonally-tied quarterly marketing plans, web design & SEO services, graphic design and signage cost share opportunities, a dedicated Membership Support Call Center, and so much more. This complete membership sales and subscription management approach has led them to become the 4th fastest growing startup in the U.S. by transactions, according to Andreessen Horowitz.

Despite the overwhelming success that membership has brought to the carwash industry, some operators are still reluctant to launch a membership program for fear of user fraud. The concern with an app-based QR code is that members would either share their phone with friends and family to wash non-members’ cars, or try to wash an unregistered vehicle with their membership.

The concern of fraud from prospective customers was the starting point for omniX labs’ partnership with EverWash. omniX-powered cameras detect and recognize every vehicle by make, color and license plate. This capability allows EverWash to compare the vehicle seen by omniX-powered cameras against the vehicle stored in the membership database. This process is done all in real time as the customer enters the carwash.

By turning regular security cameras into intelligent sets of eyes, omniX and EverWash are able to ensure that the enforcement of their membership program is precise and unobtrusive. EverWash calls this technology the ability “to create a license plate recognition (LPR) system on-site.”

The omniX-powered cameras also give visibility into other key operational metrics, giving EverWash the ability to tap into a wealth of data that their partner carwashes never had access to. Insights into metrics, such as curb-to-curb duration, revenue per labor hour and profit center usage are critical for a business highly focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This complete view of every single customer that drives into a carwash — whether an EverWash app user or not — allows EverWash to more accurately show the value added from their membership program to their carwash partners.

Stay tuned as we share our journey to jointly launch WashX!