EverWash acquires omniX Labs

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2 min readNov 16, 2021


Leader in Car Wash Membership Technology Accelerates Innovation to Offer Next Generation Platform for In-Depth Car Care and Vehicle-Centric Analytics

EverWash, the US leader in car wash membership and subscription management, announced that it has acquired omniX Labs, an industry-leading real-time vehicle analytics and Machine Learning (ML) platform. This acquisition will deepen EverWash’s capability to gain key sales and marketing insights at car washes to benefit their wash partners and customers. Together, EverWash and omniX Labs will use vehicle-centric data to improve the car care life cycle experience and generate more revenue for wash partners.

“As proven leader in the innovation and development of the car wash membership business, EverWash efficiently provides a mobile platform for subscribers and robust end-to-end solution for car wash operators,” said Scott Caplan, Co-Founder and President of EverWash. “In order for our business to embark on the next leg of our high-growth journey, the acquisition of omniX Labs will accelerate our ability to provide even more vehicle-centric actionable data that we can use to personalize the customers’ experience and improve the operators’ bottom line.”

“omniX Labs shares EverWash’s commitment to actionable data for the pursuit of client and customer success,” said Anoop Kanthan, CEO & Co-Founder of omniX Labs. “We’re excited to contribute to their expansion by continuing to provide intelligent sets of eyes to help optimize the car wash experience. Ultimately, our insights will enable both EverWash and omniX to develop the next generation of car care solutions via the vehicle becoming an extension of the consumer’s wallet.”

EverWash and omniX Labs have been working together since May 2020, but this complete merger will bring two leading technology platforms together to provide car care operators and retailers full lifecycle visibility into their customers.

For more information, please visit morewashprofits.com/omnixlabs.

About EverWash

EverWash is the industry’s fastest-growing car wash network, with more than 750 participating locations across the United States. EverWash’s team of membership experts provide ongoing sales, marketing and customer support to partner washes, while the EverWash App gives customers the ability to sign-up for and manage their membership anytime and anywhere. Learn more by visiting EverWash.com or MoreWashProfits.com.

About omniX Labs

omniX Labs is a subscription SaaS platform that provides real-time analytics for retailers. Leveraging computer vision and proprietary machine learning models, omniX captures data from existing cameras to help businesses drive more revenue per visit, increase margins, and operate more efficiently. Learn more at omnixlabs.com