omniX Labs takes part in the world’s largest Tech conference, Web Summit 2018

November 5–8, 2018 in Lisbon

omniX is proud to have been selected for the ALPHA startup program at Web Summit 2018, the largest tech conference in the world.

omniX is a trained machine vision platform enabling businesses and customers to form better experiences from any captured moment anytime, anywhere.

Our proposition is simple. We use machine learning and computer vision to leverage your existing, and we emphasize existing, cameras to see and analyze your customer interactions. In real time from the video feeds, we collect outcome-driven data that provides you with meaningful and actionable insight.

Here is a simple example of how omniX transforms and unlocks the potential of existing cameras:

Today, digital outdoor advertising is difficult to manage, static, and blind. Outdoor suppliers have very limited accuracy when it comes to the data they offer. Who are the real potential viewers of the messages? How many have seen the board? What was the effectiveness of the message?

omniX analyzes the video images in real time without any additional hardware, and through machine learning provides insight into what is in front of the digital billboard. Whether it be the number of people and their attributes such as age, gender, direction, even sentiment and engagement as they walk past, or the number of vehicles and their attributes such as make, model, and year of manufacture driving by, omniX provides all of this correlated with time of day, weather and other indicators.

Advertisers can then use this information to select the right digital signage based on its location, demographics, and real-time traffic movements, even enabling dynamic messages based on what omniX is seeing.

This is only the beginning. omniX labs has implementations with large enterprise partners, in digital outdoor re-sellers, automotive service centers, quick service retail, and real estate.

We are proud to have been selected for ALPHA at Web Summit 2018, a testament that our platform is very much a part of the digital transformation era.” Muthla Al Sayer, CEO, and Co-Founder.

The company is venture backed by Techstars and IDEO.

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