TPS Engage and omniX Labs partner to transform digital outdoor advertising

TPS Engage and omniX Labs announced a strategic partnership to deliver powerful and innovative solutions designed to change the face of digital outdoor advertising.

This partnership will enable advertisers to have full transparency and clarity on the effectiveness of their outdoor communication, and will enhance how the space is bought, used and consumed by the public, creating hyper relevant communication opportunities.

Today, digital outdoor advertising is difficult to manage, non-reactive, and blind.

Advertisers have the option to publish content using established media outlets, but they have no possibility to track, change and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Maybe it has been raining for a couple of days and you advertised sunglasses instead of selling your overflowing stock of umbrellas.

Outdoor suppliers have very limited accuracy when it comes to the data they offer. Who are the real potential viewers of the messages, how many have seen the board, and certainly not the true effectiveness of the message.

TPS Engage is a platform connecting unsold digital outdoor inventory with advertisers of all sizes. Enabling them to book space by the hour or day to suit their needs, and to change the message according to the real time traffic and data occurring in front of the boards.

TPS Engage and omniX Labs partner to transform digital outdoor advertising

TPS Engage can offer that level of data accuracy thanks to their partnership with omniX Labs.

omniX is a trained machine vision platform enabling businesses and customers to form better experiences from any captured moment anytime, anywhere. The technology uses real time video feeds, breaks down the images and through machine learning can analyze and break down the data based on gender, age, vehicle make, color, time of day, direction and even sentiment.

Using the combined power of TPS Engage and omniX technology advertisers on digital outdoor can now truly deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, and they will know if it worked or not.

Advertisers can select a desired digital signage based on its location and real time traffic, upload the relevant message and specify the rules they desire. If the audience in front of a billboard is concentrated with families between the hours of 4:00 to 5:00 pm, then a message showing family value deals should be displayed. If vehicle of a certain make passes by the site in peak times of the morning, the advertisers can choose to serve them the message relevant to that particular driver.

TPS Engage is an ideal partner for us” said Muthla Al Sayer, CEO and Co-Founder of omniX Labs. “They are democratizing outdoor advertising. Together, omniX and TPS Engage will change how digital outdoor advertising works, how it is measured and more importantly will offer the end consumers hyper relevant messages.”

omniX is at the forefront of machine vision and learning technology,” said Bogdan Savonea, CEO of TPS Engage. “When you combine this with the power of our platform and all of the data we are aggregating and analyzing, the possibilities for game-changing solutions are endless.

The partnership between omniX and TPS Engage will provide companies with a powerful tool which will change the way brands are communicating with their target audiences.

The age of sending one-way messages to the public is coming to an end.

The age of dialogue is dawning.


omniX is a trained machine vision platform enabling businesses to uncover data they have but never knew they had. The omniX labs platform can be utilized by businesses for thousands of use cases across any industry. Businesses gain efficiencies and insights through contextual data whilst improving the customer experience.

TPS Engage is the first platform in the world to offer permanent contextual advertising features for outdoor advertising. The company uses machine learning to map the patterns of traffic and how the audience reacts based on ever changing weather, traffic conditions and a variety of other open and proprietary data sources.